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voice 1: But feeding people is just one reason to protect crop diversity. There are other reasons. For example, crop diversity helps protect crops against disease extinction. Imagine if there was only one kind of corn. Now imagine if that corn crop got a disease. We would lose corn forever. Crop diversity protects crops from disappearing.

voice 2: Also, genetically mixing different kinds of crops together can create new crops. Some of these new crops can resist disease. Some can live in cold temperatures. Others can live during times with no water. And some can grow without using chemicals. These new crops will help fight world hunger in the future.

voice 1: These are the reasons why the Global Crop Diversity Trust has started a new project. People working with the Trust want to create a "biological basis of all agriculture." That is, they want to hold some of ALL of the world's seeds inside of a vault. They want to protect the earth's crop diversity.

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